Private Session


  • your dog looking at you for direction when he sees another dog?
  • an enjoyable walk with your dog when he isn’t dragging you, barking or lunging?
  • your dog being less worried about the environment around her?
  • your dog willingly giving up objects?
  • your dog happily running to you when you call?
Frenchie sniffing cookies.

From puppy training to basic manners skills, you may prefer one-on-one sessions rather than classes. We meet when it’s convenient for both of us rather than on a pre-scheduled, weekly basis.  For difficult behavior problems, private sessions work best.

I use humane, non-confrontational methods interacting with all dogs and the people who love them, I can help you get results for behavior change with scientific methods known to work.

There is science to dog training, but I’ll help make it easier to understand.


  1. During an initial phone conversation or email, we will set up a date and time to meet.
  2. I’ll send you a Behavior History Questionnaire to fill out and return before our first session.
  3. During our first session, I’ll get to know you and your dog and we will go over goals.
  4. I’ll help you understand what may drive the behavior your dog is exhibiting and how to decrease it.
  5. After getting to know your daily schedule and environment, management recommendations will be made so the dog doesn’t continue to “practice” the unwanted behavior.
  6. Training will start!  I’ll coach you through new training steps until you are comfortable working with your dog.

For some aggression concerns, I may make a referral to a veterinary behavior specialist.


  • A summary of our session
  • A detailed training plan that includes homework
  • Support by email or phone for questions between sessions


I’ll have recommendations, but we’ll work together to decide how many sessions will work for you and your dog and what makes sense with the issues being addressed.

  • We’ll go over goals, progress and skills your dog has achieved.
  • I’ll coach you through new training steps.

CONTACT ME to discuss your dog’s behavior and set up a consultation/training session.



Initial Consultation $150.00 (60-90 minutes)

Subsequent Sessions
Single Sessions  $100.00 (per hour) Anything over one hour will be charged in 15 minute increments

Package Rates
4 Sessions   $380.00
6 Sessions $570.00

Mileage $10.00 per session Fees are due at the end of individual training sessions or upfront for packages. I am able to accept checks and/or cash.

CONTACT ME to discuss your dog’s behavior and the possibility of private training sessions.


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