Before Classes Start


Level 1 Only:

  1. The first night is an orientation WITHOUT dogs. I look forward to meeting your pup on week 2.
  2. Bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records. I require the DHPP series and Rabies as recommended by your veterinarian.  I won’t need to keep the copy.

Level I, 2 and 3:

  1. I recommend that you don’t feed your dog at least 4 hours prior to class.
  2. Bring a baggie full of soft, small (cut to the size of a pea), smelly pieces of food. This will be more interesting to your dog than food that is hard and crunchy.  It’s a distracting environment and what works in your home might not work in class. You may want to bring two different types to try.
  3. Something to carry the food in. Ideas: purchased bait/training bag, fannie pack, apron with pockets.
  4. Your dog can wear a flat clip/buckle collar or head halter. No choke chains or prong collars are allowed.
  5. Plan to use a 6’ fabric or leather leash. No retractable leashes are allowed.
  6. Anyone living with and who will be interacting with the dog is welcome to attend class. It can really help training if everyone is consistent with the message to the dog.
  7. Children are welcome to attend. Young children can be excellent trainers!  Anyone under 18 must have an adult with them and on site.
  8. If you are bringing very young children, plan to bring an extra adult to help with the child. It is possible for children to become bored – it happens! Bring things for them to do that requires sitting quietly.  Running, distracting the class or leaving the classroom isn’t allowed.

Level 2 or 3:
If you have trained at another school, but think you might be ready for Level 2 or 3, please don’t register before contacting me.  I’ll help you figure out if this is a good place for you to start.  I want you to be successful!


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