Linda Training Linus.

I am committed to the well-being of pets and their people. While I enjoy working with dogs in various competitive activities, the core of my business is addressing everyday urgencies dogs and their human families have so they can live together happily.

My training method is positive. I use humane, non-confrontational methods: positive reinforcement with play, praise, food, toy rewards, or whatever the dog wants and clear communication between you and your dog. I don’t use choke collars, prong collars, shock collars, force or coercion.

“A great bonus of positive reinforcement is that you first have to watch and learn: your dog is called upon to tell you what she finds reinforcing.  It causes us to open and embrace, rather than close down and demand.  It’s a gift to both parties.”

The Secret History of Kindness – Melissa Holbrook Pierson

My training is scientifically grounded. My programs are based on learning theory, and on science’s growing comprehension of canine behavior, perception, thinking, and feeling.

My training can help give you depth of communication with your dog. Dogs thrive when they and their humans communicate with each other in a relationship. Learning your dog’s “language,” and clarifying your human message to the dog, makes training fun, enriching, and lively.

Training can build a foundation for preventing and/or solving behavior problems.  It can give your dog more confidence and steadiness. It provides mental stimulation. It makes physical exercise fun. A trained dog enjoys more freedom. It offers activities to engage with your dog throughout its lifetime.

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