In Home Training

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Private consultation and training sessions are held in your home.

Pre-Puppy Consultation:

Thinking about getting a puppy? During this one time visit, we will discuss what to consider before adding a puppy to your family. (60-90 minutes)

  • Determine what fits your families’ lifestyle
  • Learn what questions to ask
  • What behavior to expect from your puppy
  • Successful housetraining from the start
  • How to puppy-proof your house

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The Puppy Is Here!

Waiting for puppy class to begin?  The Puppy Is Here! is a one-time visit to your home to discuss puppy basics such as, housetraining, nipping, chewing, and urgent issues you have. (60-90 minutes)

  • Understand your puppy
  • Tools to survive and manage puppy antics
  • Identify realistic expectations for your puppy and family

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Preparing for Baby!

Have you thought about how your dog might react to the good news? Will your dog be as thrilled as you are?

With a little preparation and some good management strategies, dogs and babies can be a successful combination. Parents-to-be will learn:

  • what basic manners your dog should know before the baby arrives
  • how to prepare your canine friend for the new arrival
  • basics of managing dog and baby interactions.
  • Don’t delay! As you prepare for the baby – prepare the dog! (1-2 sessions, 60 minutes each)

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Household Manners:

At your wit’s end with unruly behavior?  Is your dog chewing inappropriate items, jumping on everyone, nipping, house-soiling, and more?  A session or more will be designed based on your specific needs to help you manage and teach your dog appropriate behavior and help you understand what outlets can be useful to meet his needs and yours.  (1-4 sessions, 60-75 minutes each)

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Basic Training:

Is your lifestyle too busy to commit to a weekly class schedule?  Learn how to teach your dog manners and basic cues in a customized program to fit your schedule.  You will learn the basics of how dogs learn, how to use reinforcement to get the behavior you want, and what to do to get rid of unwanted behaviors.  You will learn how to train your dog to sit, down, attention, come, stay, wait, leave it, sit politely for greeting, and give.  (approximately 4 sessions over 2-4 weeks, 60-75 minutes each)

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Behavior Problems:

Sessions cover behavior issues not covered by Household Manners and Basic Training.  An initial consultation is required (60-90 minutes) for a complete history, goal identification, and solutions to be considered.  A write-up to include diagnosis and prognosis, management plan, and treatment plan will be provided.  Follow-up meetings may be required to ensure safe and proper implementation of the plan.

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Group Classes Option


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